Getting into the Word

If you Google Bible study, you’ll find there are over 315 million – MILLION – results. Everything from books to guides to commentaries – you name it, it’s out there. But the thing that God has been sharing with me lately is that if I’m […]

Top 5 Inspiring Reads

Just yesterday, my 17-year old son matter-of-factly informed me that nobody reads anymore. Well, the joke is on him, because truthfully, lots of people still read. From memes, to e-books, to traditional newspapers and physical books, people are reading now more than ever! Average literacy […]

Celebrating a Season of Thanks

There is a phenomenon that never ceases to amaze me in the fall. Every year starting November 1st, immediately after dressing in some of the scariest, most demonic costumes possible, our culture does an about face. We switch from this celebration of ghosts and goblins and move immediately into a grateful state of thanks. What can we learn about this that will bring God glory?