For the Glory of God

Have you ever felt that something was missing from your life? You can’t quite put your finger on it, but it just nags at you all the time, like one of those little hot southern summer afternoon bugs that you have to keep swatting at but just can’t find. I get you.

And I filled that void with work. A new career. Shopping. Decorating my home. Dreaming of my next home. Maybe you’re there too.

When I finally sat still and paid attention to that nagging feeling – I gained a peaceful clarity and understanding. I was replacing God in my life with all this other stuff. Change was necessary. And so, change happened.

The second and third career went out the door (yes, I was working four jobs simultaneously). The commitments got whittled down. The calendar got a chopping axe applied to it. Figuratively, of course. That would have made for a great picture, though, right? Priorities were put under the microscope and realigned.

And what replaced all of those things was simply:

Quiet Time.

Moments here and there throughout the day snatched away from the stress, gossip, and hubbub of the day to be alone with my Heavenly Father. And hear His voice.

And I realized, as the Lord spoke, that I am passionate about my love for God.

That He is passionate for me, and that I am His beloved. And, in equal measure, so are you.

I am passionate about the marriage He blessed me with. I am passionate about the glory that God receives through this union, as He is the head of it.

I am passionate about my family, and home, and raising my kids in the Lord’s teaching to further His Kingdom and bring Him glory.

I am passionate about sharing all of these wonderful lessons from the Bible that the Lord shows me with other women.

I am passionate about encouraging women to see that being a Daughter of the One True King and a Woman of God doesn’t mean letting go of your identity or individualism.

That instead, it really means finding your identity and allowing you to be more confident as you connect more deeply with the Eternal Source that lights your fire.

So that you – can be just as passionate about Him.

About your marriage.

About your kids.

So you can realize and live in the fullness of Him through this life He has entrusted to you.

So you can know and have this Living Grace of Himself that He fills us with and renews in us with each morning.

So that in every thing we do – whether in word or in deed – we submit and offer all of it to the Lord for His glory.

So that our lives will be fulfilled, newly freed from the burden of the nagging emptiness. And our friends, our family, our neighbors, even this world will come to know Him.

And His Kingdom will be glorified on Earth through our homes, our families, our marriages, and us – Daughters of the One True King.