Celebrating a Season of Thanks

There is a phenomenon that never ceases to amaze me in the fall. Every year starting November 1st, immediately after dressing in some of the scariest, most demonic costumes possible, our culture does an about face. We switch from this celebration of ghosts and goblins and move immediately into a grateful state of thanks. What can we learn about this that will bring God glory?

Engaging the Thief in Battle over Comparison

In the throes of a busy season of life, I realized I had given myself permission to not study the Word daily as in-depth as I know I’ve been called to. Instead, I denied God the relationship He is calling me to with Him by doing a quick 10-minute read through of a narrative study right before bed. And while there are seasons of life when that’s where He calls us, as we get closer to Him, He calls us to more – deeper.

Did God Really Say . . .

The Importance of Keeping Scripture in Context Have you ever played the Phone Game? I remember doing that once or twice in elementary school. The point was to test how accurately information would travel from one end of the line of students all the way […]