Engaging the Thief in Battle over Comparison

In the throes of a busy season of life, I realized I had given myself permission to not study the Word daily as in-depth as I know I’ve been called to. Instead, I denied God the relationship He is calling me to with Him by doing a quick 10-minute read through of a narrative study right before bed. And while there are seasons of life when that’s where He calls us, as we get closer to Him, He calls us to more – deeper.

Finding Purpose in Your Christian Life

Sister, how often do we chase after the things that we think are good for us because they look, taste, or feel good to us in the moment as we anticipate and then consume them? Only to be left with a gaping hole of emptiness that we once again chase after to try and fill with more stuff? More ambition? More chase? But what does God say about our Purpose and Meaning of life?