Reconnecting with Your Husband in a Season of Busy

Fall is my favorite season of the year. There is something about waking up to a brisk morning and feeling a sense of rejuvenation that just puts a pep in my step. Kinda like the first splash of cold water on my face after getting hot from working super hard in the yard. It just makes you feel so alive!

So this morning when I got up and opened the door, and that cool, crisp air met me, I promptly invited it inside – by opening the windows of course!

And that means a morning walk. But with a day full of meetings and a long list of to-dos, it just didn’t feel like I had the time.

My motivation wavered.

I’ll bet you’ve had the same feeling of instant freedom, joy, and uplift, only to be brought back down by that list. I’ve heard it called “coming back to reality.” But does it truly have to be that way? I don’t think so. With some reframing of our thought patterns, I believe we can transform our ideas to a different perspective of what our daily lives can be like.

After all, we are told to not conform to this world, but be transformed by the One who created all things, knows all things, and is the Author of all things yet to come!

So at my husband’s quiet and insistent patience, I set aside that mental to do list. I put on my shoes and out the door we went. And sister, let me tell you, it was wonderful.

Simply wonderful.

We walked the large block with the dog in tow, and while we had a time deadline because of those meetings still waiting for us back at the office, making that decision to do something and to DO IT NOW made such a huge difference. And y’all, I didn’t even take my phone with me!

Most likely, my husband and I won’t get to see much of each other all day until it’s all over. And maybe your schedule is the same.

Whether you both work outside the home, or one of you stays home, or you both work from home, schedules get busy, cleaning and kids both must be attended to. And of course there are all the holiday preparations, parties, plays, and so on.

Often, we can find our relationships get put on the back burner.

We don’t forget the relationship, but we forget to attend to it.

We forget to feed and nurture those hearts that are closest to us for want of accomplishing the “to-dos”. All the things that are screaming for our “right now” attention. Even if they could be put off for just 5 minutes.

Sister, can I challenge you today, to take a simple 10 minutes to intentionally attend to ONE relationship in your life?

I know – you don’t have time. Everything in your world is spiraling around you and you have no idea where to even start to get it all done, let alone being able to get your life to look Hallmark-perfect. We want the perfect baking time with our kids, making holiday decorations, in a perfectly decorated home. And so in pursuit of this life, we miss the one we’ve been blessed with.

God says to “Be still, and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10) The word ‘still’ as it’s used in this verse is raphah (Strong’s 7503), which means to slacken, cease striving, and is indicative of submitting to another authority greater than your own.

Submit to the peace of the LORD, cease striving for whatever it is you think you’re chasing after. The Hallmark life can wait. The perfect cookies can be bought (or made later). Your holiday decorations can be hung later.

Just stop for a moment.

Right Now . . .

This VERY moment. Stand (or sit or kneel) in the presence of your Beloved God, and breathe. Physically relax your body. Close your eyes, and relax your forehead, neck, shoulders. Breathe. Let everything else melt away so you can prepare your heart to reconnect with what is truly important. With who it is in your life that matters most.

Go ahead. I’ll wait. 🙂

Open your eyes. Intentionally focus on the person in front of you as you pour into their heart and life. Or think of the person who will be in front of you next, and remember this moment.

Put away all distractions – phones, chores, tidying up, fidget spinners. This is a time to reconnect – not multi-task. Look at your person. Really see them, so you can truly be present during this time together. 5 minutes. 10 minutes. However much it ends up being.

If just being still, quiet and in the presence of your person feels awkward, consider these few idea starters:

  • Talk a short walk together
  • Share a simple snack together
  • Play a short card game, like Go-Fish or War
  • Tell a funny story from your childhood
  • Talk about something lighthearted that you’ve you read, saw, or thought recently. And as they share, be sure that you actively listen without striving to fix, reprimand, correct, or interrupt (even for encouragement!). Just listen.

Our moments pass by “in a blink”, as the quote goes in Joe Black. And isn’t it true?

We miss the moments now because we’re so focused on what is next, what is urgent, what is screaming for our attention – not necessarily what is important.

It tries to take away our peace.

But as we plug in to the practice of being still, being silent, giving ourselves over to submission and not striving, we find a peaceful stillness that surpasses all understanding and restores our joy as we reconnect with the Lord.

And that allows us to enjoy the moments now that we can reclaim from the enemy, as he tries to wrap us up in busy. Keeping us distracted.

Sister, make the decision today to refuse giving in and submitting to busy at the expense of your loved ones.

Reclaim your peace and joy.

Seek out and find those sweet, precious pockets of time of connection that fill our cups, and fill the cups of those we love most in this world.

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