Top 5 Inspiring Reads

Just yesterday, my 17-year old son matter-of-factly informed me that nobody reads anymore. Well, the joke is on him, because truthfully, lots of people still read. From memes, to e-books, to traditional newspapers and physical books, people are reading now more than ever! Average literacy rates of the world have jumped from about 12% in the 1800s to nearly 85%, according to studies conducted by OECD.

So since we’re all reading, I wanted to share a few of my favorites over the last few years! This list is not exhaustive, nor can I say these will be my favorites ever, since I’m constantly adding to the list.

These do, however, fall in line after the Bible as the most inspiring read. God’s Holy Word is the the standard foundational read that every Christian should be consistently reading daily to deepen our relationship with the Lord. If that’s not at the top of your reading list, I challenge you to make it so! And then consider adding a few of these for variety.

Women of the Word

Jen Wilkin

Instructional Non-Fiction

Short, informative, and easy to read chapters, Jen lifts up readers out of the milk-based reading and into a deeper and intentional study life of the Word.

With an extra chapter at the end geared for teachers of the Word, it’s a good reminder that we all are teachers as we guide and instruct our children – from their early milk stages to more mature meat days.

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Redeeming Love

Francine Rivers

Bible-Based Fiction

I think I read this one in a weekend. It tells the story of Gomer and Hosea through fictionalized characters in the setting of the Wild West.

Gripping from the first word, it’s a great story to get lost in. And while there are some liberties taken with the Biblical story in the ending, it is still a solid read that shows God’s love through the entire narrative.

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Mere Christianity


Admittedly, I’m still working on finishing the last little bit of this one. It is a deceptively deep read, and even though the preface says as much, when you start getting into it, every single statement Lewis makes will have you pausing and thinking, referencing the Bible, and looking more at what this “Mere Christianity” is really all about, and what it means to us individually.

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You’re Already Amazing

Holley Gerth

Spiritual/Inspirational Non-Fiction

I read this one at a time when I needed tons of encouragement and motivation during a time when I felt like things were “off”. There are activities to work through your next steps as you seek to take them on your journey of finding purpose and taking action towards that. I love looking back through the work I did almost 10 years ago to be able to see where I was then and how God has worked through me to bring me where I am now.

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Do It Scared

Ruth Soukup

Again, another fantastic motivational book. This one tends to lean more towards taking actionable steps to achieving professional stretch goals, and works well for current or aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, or other leaders who need a little motivational kick. GREAT actionable steps, inspiring personal stories, and challenging self-limiting ideas you may hold. Christian references, but not Biblical in nature.

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Knowing God


This one is BONUS!

A deep read, to be sure, and a hefty page-turner as well. Honestly, I’m still working on this one. Our church went through this with our Pastor as a study group and it is one to be read through multiple times. TONS of Biblical support as it goes through and instructs on who God says HE is as we learn who we are through HIM.

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Celebration of Discipline

Richard J. Foster

ANOTHER BONUS! I’ve not gotten past the entire section of Part 1, so I’m still working on this one, too. I have notes galore in this one. It focuses not on celebrating discipline as we think of disciplining our children, but moreso about joyfully engaging in the foundational disciplines of our faith. This is another deep one, and everytime I revisit it, my soul sings out. I am so excited not to finish this book, but to pore over every word.

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Final Thoughts

I have notes galore in many of these books – cross references, questions, connections, verses, thoughts that popped into mind as God spoke through the pages. I’m glad to say that sections of my Bible look the same, and will continue this habit each time I open the cover.

As we continue our daily study of the Word, get your pens, pencils, highlighters out. Draw or color if you like, but more importantly, focus on the words, focus on the message, get still and quiet and listen to God’s voice as He communicates with you in a most precious and intimate way through the words of other writers.

He will draw you closer to Him, and through the sheer power of His love and Holiness, compel you to live a life that reflects His qualities to the world.

Because, truly sister, that is what it’s all about anyway!

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