What is Living Grace?

It’s kind of an interesting title for a blog. A Living Grace.

By the bye, I love that the LG also can represent our Lord God.

What is it? What does that even mean? Where did that come from? Why not just Grace?

So there’s actually a lot to these two little words. Which makes sense for someone like me who is a word and linguistics geek. #etymologyftw (Fun fact: Etymology is the study of how words and meanings change in language throughout history and culture).


So where to begin. Let’s start with Grace. Because without it, we are completely lost. Without God’s grace, we would have no hope of an eternal future in His presence. And that grace – as it is freely given and applied to us – spills out and over into the people we come in contact with.

Kind of like a chocolate fountain. Mmm, chocolate.

Or – if that grosses you out – an Artesian spring from which the source of water is deep in the ground and the water just goes and goes and continues spilling out onto the land.

In fact, we see many references and allusions to God’s love, grace, and mercy as an ever-flowing Spring. It is an illustration that early Jews would have been familiar with in an agriculture-based and nomadic-style culture. So they knew how critical water was to daily living – without plenty of it, their daily functions would stop and they would need to pack up and migrate to a new area.

So it’s a grace that continues. It means we don’t have to pack up and leave. It is a STAYING Grace.


But that Grace also is alive and changing. When we come in true contact with that grace, we truly become alive. For the first time, we know what it means to be full, and free in the grace and love of the Lord.

We are no longer shackled by fear, comparison, strife, doubt. All of those are from the enemy which is a thief and comes to steal those things from us so that we will not live in the fullness and freedom of the Lord – to do His will – to be the ambassadors who work to establish His Kingdom on Earth. Lord’s Prayer, anyone?

And the best part is, that this Living Grace from God is alive IN US so that we can live it out in our own lives, sharing it, passing it on – paying it forward – to those who haven’t yet heard that message of mercy, grace love, freedom, forgiveness.

It’s a grace we live out to our husbands as we minister to them through our marriage.

It is a grace that we share with our children as we raise up the little disciples the Lord has given us.

It’s even the grace that we extend to our co-workers, our public service workers, the people we pass in traffic and at the amusement park.

And all of that glorifies God as it actionably demonstrates His love to our fellow man.

It’s so easy, yet it’s one of the hardest things to do because we are burdened with a lie of feeling like we have to do more.

And Sister, we don’t have to do more!

That’s the GRACE!

All those things which we search our entire lives for as though we can create them ourselves when the Father says “Come to Me, and I will give you rest.”

God has already done the hard work – he made the sacrifice. He made the way through the sacrifice of His Son and deliverance of the Holy Spirit!

We just simply have to accept that in a GRACIOUS way and share that through GRACIOUS LIVING as an example of his Living Grace to the world.

And so, I humbly and lovingly offer by the Holy Spirit’s inspiration:

A Living Grace

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